Projects Fiscal Year 2017-2018

Project Quarterly Updates

Bike and Pedestrian

Project Status Contact
MJC Phase II Bike Path Fact Sheet Completed Michael Sacuskie
Active Transportation Plan (non-Motorized) Fact Sheet Consultant contract awarded at the June 5, 2018 City Council meeting. Anticipated "kick-off" meeting for late August 2018. Phillip Soares
Active Transportation Plan III (Paradise Rd.) Fact Sheet Environmental documents are 95% complete. Staff anticipate final environmental documents by the end of August 2018 or sooner. Phillip Soares
Carver/Bangs - Pelandale/Snyder Bike Trail System Fact Sheet Anticipate completing design by October 2018 and posting project bid in winter 2018/19. Construct project summer 2019 with Tully Road Safety Improvements project. Phillip Soares

Local Streets and Roads

Project Status Contact
Lakewood Neighborhood Street Improvement Fact Sheet Construction contract awarded to America Pavement Systems on August 8, 2018.  Construction is scheduled to begin on September 17, 2018. Michael Sacuskie
Standiford Pavement Rehabilitation Fact Sheet Construction contract awarded to DSS Company dba Knife River Construction on June 26, 2018. Construction has begun. Phillip Soares
Carpenter Road Street Improvements Fact Sheet Project is under construction. Construction contracted awarded to DSS dba Knife River Construction on May 22, 2018. Contractor currently working on Carpenter Road between Maze Blvd. and Chicago Ave. Chuck Covolo
Wylie Dr., Floyd Ave., and Carver Ave. Street Improvements (Collector Streets) Fact Sheet Project design started, 2% complete. Michael Sacuskie

Traffic Managment

Project Status Contact
Tully Road Safety Improvement Project Fact Sheet Consultant contract agreement signed by Mark Tomas Company Inc. Project to be designed concurrently with the Carver/Bangs-Pelandale/Snyder Bike Trail System project. Project kick-off meeting anticipated in Fall 2018. Phillip Soares
Task Force Coordination to Establish School Safety Needs Fact Sheet Staff has coordinated with Sylvan Union School District to perform site visit once school year begins in August. Staff is participating in planning committee with Community Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Training Program (CPBST) through California Walks at Fremont Elementary School. Staff will participate in future workshops at the end of August. Sandeep Sandhu
Orville Wright Elementary School - Improve Traffic Flow and Safety Fact Sheet Design 0% complete. Survey work has been requested. Anticipate starting design late August 2018. Michael Sacuskie
System Safety Analysis Report Program Fact Sheet Consultant contract awarded to Fehr and Peers on June 5, 2018. Kick-off meeting with Fehr & Peers scheduled for mid. August 2018. Sandeep Sandhu
Replace 120 Obsolete Traffic Controllers Received approximately 72 controllers. Waiting on rest of shipment for controllers and ethernet switches. Meeting with supplier and IT to prepare game plan for addressing as installation will occur soon. Mark Murphy
Emergency Vehicle Preemption Awarded bid and purchase of Emergency Vehicle Preemption equipment on September 4, 2018. Mark Murphy
New Traffic Signals (Floyd Ave./Millbrook Ave., Prescott Rd./Mt. Vernon, Roselle Ave./Belharbour Construction is complete. Mark Murphy
Upgrade Traffic Signals (9th/B St., 7th/G St., 7th/H St., 7th/I St. Intersections Under design. Project is expected to go out to bid Fall 2018 of 2018. Mark Murphy