General Plan Amendment 2040

On March 25, 2014, the City Council finalized the proposed changes to the Modesto Urban Area General Plan Land Use diagram. The map on the left, below, is the current adopted General Plan Land Use diagram. The map on the right, labeled "Proposed Land Use Diagram," reflects the City Council actions of January 28, 2014 and March 25, 2014. The proposed land use diagram is intended to establish the project description for purposes of the required environmental studies for the General Plan Amendment.

Existing Land Use Diagram

Adopted Land Use Diagram

Proposed Land Use Diagram

Proposed Land Use Diagram Revised June 8, 2016

Master EIR

The Master Environmental Impact Report (MEIR) will analyze the potential physical effects to the environment that may occur as a result of the proposed project. The Notice of Preparation (NOP) for the MEIR was distributed in late April, and the NOP comment period closed on Friday, May 30, 2014. A scoping meeting was held on Wednesday, May 21, 2014. All the comments received in response to the NOP, including those presented orally on May 21, are posted online.

Project Description

Modesto’s General Plan amendment (GPA) project will modernize the General Plan goal and policy framework, and will result in a revised land use designation program intended to facilitate enhanced economic development. Regarding the Circulation Element, the GPA will identify priority locations and infrastructure projects, and establish stronger links to funding policies, programs and sources. Transportation corridors are a primary focus of the project, in terms of enhanced economic development potential, including mixed-use development, improved travel mode choice options and safety.

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